Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Start working on Hero Fighter

開始製作 Hero Fighter

自從 LF2 完成以後, 我一直很想再創作另一個屬於自己的遊戲, 可惜一直為了工作, 没有餘暇去實行這個奢侈的夢想. 直到去年, 幾經掙扎後, 我終於把日間的工作辭去, 專心在家製作我的新遊戲 - Hero Fighter (英雄大作戰, 簡稱 HF). 希望在首年把遊戲「初步完成」, 然後再選一條適合自己的職業道路.

跟 LF 一樣, HF 也是一個「混戰型」的格鬥遊戲, 不過, HF 是 web-based 的, 它無需安裝, 只需以瀏覽器開啓網址, 就可以玩到. 在往後的日子裡, 我會在 HeroFighter.com 的網頁內, 不時更新遊戲. 我預計大概在本年七月底, 先發放 HF v0.1 - 它只是一個簡單的「單機」遊戲, 只有兩三個角色. 在及後的更新中, 我將會慢慢加入新的角色及遊戲模式 (在首半年, 計劃每月加入一至兩個角色), 希望終有一天, 能夠把 HF 發展成一個多人在線的遊戲.

這個 blog, 將會是用作發放 HF 消息及與 Fans 交流的地方. 因為有很大部份的 Fans 都看不懂中文, 所以儘管我的英文一般, 我還是會盡量的把自己的文章譯成英文, 如果有什麼文法出錯或者筆誤, 希望你們多多見諒.

Start working on Hero Fighter

After the completion of LF2, I was always thinking of making another new game. However, because of my daily job, I can hardly find the time to pursue my goal. Last year, after struggling for months, I finally made a difficult decision to quit my job. And concentrate on working on my new game - Hero Fighter (HF). I hope the game can be finished "preliminarily" in the first year. Afterwards I will look for a career path which would suit me most.

Like LF2, HF is also a fighting game. But HF is web-based which does not require installation and can be played in your browser right away. In the coming days, I will keep updating and releasing new versions of HF in HeroFighter.com. By the end of July, I plan to release the first version (v0.1) - that is just a simple "stand alone" game with 2~3 characters only. I will keep adding new characters and game modes to the game (in the first half year, I plan to add 1~2 characters per month). I wish I can eventually make HF into a multi-player online game.

This blog is for releasing HF news and talking to fans. Because a large part of fans cannot read Chinese, I will try my best to translate my articles to English. As my English is not that good, please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes.

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NZ said...

Great news to all LF2 fans !!
We appreciate your efforts and luff over Hero Fighter~
Add oil, Marti!

希仔 said...


Marti Wong said...

To NZ:

To 希仔:
不敢說有心得. 但有機會時會說一下遇到過的困難及處理方法.

Fox CN said...

Your english is very well, never fear on that!
I am really excited and looking forward to seeing further progress in this awesome game that is Hero Fighter :D