Sunday, July 19, 2009

Demo Video

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mirror Blog in China

由於 Blogspot 被中國國家防火牆所封鎖, 我剛從中國和訊申請了以下的 Blog, 以後兩個 blog 將同步更新.

Because Blogspot is blocked by China's great firewall. I have made a mirror blog for Chinese users:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Something about Animation...

以上三個奔跑的動作都有 8 幀, 遠比 LF2 中的(只有3幀) 流暢.
在制作 HF 時, 我時刻都以超越 LF2 為目標. 所以對 HF 內動作細緻的要求, 亦遠較 LF2 為高.
在過去幾個月中, 研究動畫技巧成為我休息時的活動.
預計每個 HF 的主要角色, 需要300幀以上的動畫圖. 以個人來說是一個頗為巨大的工程. 這樣亦解釋了為何花這麼多時間才推出一個新角色.

在之前發放三個角色的站立動畫, 大小約為 160闊 x 240高. 這是原定的大小.
可是, 如果每幀都這樣大的話, 每個角色動畫就佔用 44 MB 的記憶體空間.
如果有 20 個角色同時出現, 就佔去約 880 MB 的記憶體.
這樣對 Flash 遊戲來說實在太大負荷. 所以最後唯有把幀圖縮小一倍(為防止不勻鋸齒, 縮小一倍是最佳選擇). 以上三幅動圖就是解像度降低後的版本.

現時三個角色的基本動作都已經做好. 未來十天, 希望能把他們的招式完成, 趕緊在七月底前發放測試版. :)

About Animation
The 3 animated gifs above are the running actions of characters. They are consisted of 8 frames and much smoother than LF2's (3 frames only).
I always want to make HF more successful than LF2. So I spend much more effort on the animation details.
And in the last few months, learning animation techniques was what I often did when taking a break.
In HF, it is expected that each characters will have up to 300 frames of animation. That is a huge amount of work and that's why it takes so long for making 1 character.

Frame Resolution
The resolution for the 3 stance animation released last week were about 160 width x 240 height. That is the original size. However, if every frames are like that. Each character will consume up to 44 MB of memory space.
If 20 characters appears at the same time, it may take 880 MB memory space.
That is too much for a flash game. So I have to resize the resolution into half (to prevent uneven sampled distortion, half sized is the best choice). The 3 animated gifs above are the half-sized version.

Working Progress
All the basic actions/moves of the 3 characters are done. In the coming 10 days, I plan to finish their special moves in order to meet the v0.1 release deadline. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Character - Shawn

角色 - 承影 (Shawn)
箭術精湛, 身手敏捷.

Character - Shawn
A long-range agile fighter.
Under development