Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Character - Lucas

角色 - 龙介 (Lucas)
在近身戰中, 擁有流暢的連技.

Character - Lucas
Good at melee combos.
Sharp blade allows him to attack multiple enemies at one blow.
Has the ability in striking mid-ranged energy blasts.
A well-balanced all rounder.
Under development

2 意見:

Ramon said...

Wow Marti! It's great to hear this. I love LF2 and I hope HF will turn out to be as great.

Although I don't really like the game only to be playable online...

Lucas looks sympathetic to me and he also resembles Deep, right?

Marti Wong said...

Sorry about "online only". I think web-based can make the game spread away more rapidly.

Hm... I think when compared to Deep. Lucas is more agile and balanced. Actually, nearly all characters in this game will have weapons and sword is the most common one.