Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look back on "Little Fighter"

回顧 Little Fighter

我在 1998 年, 還在諗大學二年級時. 開始創作 Little Fighter 2 (LF2). 由於我對有關 network 的編程一竅不通, 所以找到我的同學 Starsky 的協助. 記得當時為了爭取時間, 希望趕緊在畢業前把遊戲完成, 七成以上的課堂都缺席了. 有些學科, 甚至到考試時才第一次見到導師的樣子.

LF2 的更新不斷在網頁發表 (詳見 LF2 progress time table), 它從只有 1 個角色及 vs 模式, 慢慢變成擁在 24 個角色及 4 種遊戲模式. 網頁的瀏覽數目從零升到幾千萬, 遊戲的受歡迎程度大大超出我的想像. 如果遊戲不是這樣受歡迎, 遊戲很有可能會在完成 11 個原始角色後便不再更新. Fans 的支持給予很大動力, 迫使我把遊戲的計劃一再擴大, 所以在大學畢業時 (2000年夏), 遊戲仍離完成甚遠.

畢業後, 我找到第一份工作 - 編寫手機遊戲. 當時白天上班, 並不輕鬆. 到晚上, 編寫 LF2 至深夜, 每天只睡四、五個小時, 感到非常辛苦. 一年後, 終於抵受不了, 把工作辭去, 然後花大半年時間, 全職把 LF2 完成. 由於當時沒有收入, 又要償還大學學費的貸款, 財政一度十份拮据. 不過現在看來, 當天一切的付出都是值得的.

Look back on "Little Fighter"

In 1998, when I was a 2nd year undergrad student, I started to create Little Fighter 2 (LF2). As I knew nothing about network programming, I asked my classmate Starsky to help me out with that. Coz I wanted to finish the game before my graduation, I was absent from most of the lessons.

As LF2 updates were released (see LF2 progress time table), it got more and more popular. The hit counter even reached 40 million. Its popularity was totally out of my expectation. Fans encourage me a lot, and this makes me expand the spec of LF2 for several times.

When I graduated, the game was still far from finished. At the day time, I have to work for my living in a cell phone game company. After the dinner, I worked for LF2 til midnight. It was really tired getting only 4, 5 hours sleep everyday. So after a year, I quitted my job and worked on LF2 in full-time. Without income for more than a half year, I had a rough time financially. But as I look back on this, I can say LF2 was worth every effort.

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YinYIn said...

what mobile phone game company was that? what kind of games did you work on there?

Marti Wong said...

Some java and WAP game. They are outdated and not shown in their website anymore.

KLDRC said...

(小建議:HF似乎要成為網路上的遊戲(CGI GAME?)我倒是希望維持下載到玩家的電腦,然後有更好(大大優於LF2的)連線模式)

ChanPhillip said...

LF2真係好玩, 相信HF都咁正

amittai said...

i live in israel and in here i think there is no one who don't know LF2
it was a part of my childhood and every time i get bored in class while there is a computer lesson i download LF2 on the school's computer and play
i will certainly make my friends take a look on this new game and i cant wait till it will be finished

L.M.C said...