Friday, October 2, 2009

New character - Gordon released!

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Mateus said...

please tell me you're not done with hi yet?

i mean he is weak, really weak,and there are some bugs...why he can't use giant objects as weapown?
on the power blow skill the blue blow does no damage.
his skill consume too much mp
i think he needs at least one additional skill...something like "Whirlwind" from diablo 2

but i'm okkay with it..since you just uploaded hin

oh i also think lucas needs at leas one more skill

Mateus said...

and also when doing "crush stricke" he is really week when mid air...i mean not resistence at should kind of like drew mach punche

Anonymous said...

Gordon needs some sort of resistance for his Power Blow and Crush Strike, one regular hit on him and the attack is canceled. :( And he can't go out of guard when he is running.

Anonymous said...

Wow another new character so fast :D
Great guy with strong moves, but he can't hit people when they're down.

小王子 said...

Will the game be open-source?
Open-source can make anyone help you for developing the game.
And also, you can still use toolbar to earn money.

YinYin said...

will you add new characters to the online version or will you leave it with three characters?

Anonymous said...

小熊 , 我是ez的強人皇......

已經過了一個月有多 ,


Anonymous said...