Thursday, September 17, 2009

New character - Jenny released!

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HolyMane said...

weill we have to donwload it everytime will release a new ver ?

or is it just a patch?

Marti Wong said...

Thanks for the suggestion.
But I think I will not provide patch at this moment.

Anonymous said...

I hv just try the new ver. Awesome! Jenny has her own character voice! The attack modes of Jenny are also cool. Good job Marti=D

HolyMane said...

marti this is a serious sugestion:
i want to tell you that, well the names of the characters you gave on english are cool, lucas ,drew and all but...the chinese names SOUDNDS far away better

i mean ,Ryosuke sounds really cool
better than lucas for sure!

so i think you shound't give the characterrs two names, people just love the way oriental words are pronounced. so i belive you should just call they by theirs original names everywhere ,lucas is lame
Ryosuke is awesome!

DIS said...


SunnyChow said...

To HolyMane:
Their Chinese names actually are Cantonese transliteration of their English names, with meaningful characters. I think you confused Chinese with Japanese.

HolyMane said...

japanese? hey wait what ?chine stills on orient >_>
and i think the english names are trasliterations of the cantonese ones ,marti would give chinese names first wouldn't?

anyway i'm justt trying to say marti should use the chinese names on the games instead of english ones

亞飆Wraind舞 said...

沖鋒直刺(Lucas, Jenny)應該要調整一下,不耗MP卻能拆掉不少需消耗MP的招,有點過份

PS. Jenny站立時不會動的,是本來就是如此還是忘了設定?


Anonymous said...

小熊所製作的HF 有很貼近玩家期待已久的平衡 努力!
Jenny是有點屈了 後面都打到實在有點奇怪 努力修改 加油!

Anonymous said...

就算update多幾個新角 唔係hardcore fans試都懶得試啦 整左網絡先再慢慢update都唔遲
ps 隻game第時實有外掛